What are the good points of spending breaks in Hellada

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January is the great time to make many plans for summer vacations. According to the latest researches which have been carried out among people who have declared that they are going on holidays in 2012, most of them have picked Greece or the Greek isles.

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Two other types of check-in

Prepared by: Johan Larsson
Flying by a plane is the most popular mode of transportation right now. Because of small airline corporations, you are able to travel from one country to other in a really low costs. Also, voyage form Rome to Warsaw last fot two hours, the very same distance by bus will take at least one day of your time. But if you are buying a journey by jet, you have to fallow some laws. One of it, is to arrive at the airport, at least couple hours before your trip.

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Brussels - nice spot for fascinating vacationes

Prepared by: Barney Moss
After Poland became a part of European Union, many of young citizens decide to go abroad for work or college. Many of people, every single day, are traveling back and forward, to UK Kingdom, Denmark and Netherlands. But different popular spot is Belgium. Flights from Warsaw to Brussels are in really attractive prizes, but you need to be aware how and when to book it. And the city itself is very amazing, if you wish to visit some place nice, it will be really well choice. Fine heritages, delicious cuisine and friendly citizens.

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Searching for travel inspirations? Visit Switzerland

Switzerland is very amazing country. It use to be one of the poorest land in whole Europe, because of lack of grounds for sowing. But at the moment, everything had change. Swiss people are really rich, so much, that they don't must to be part of EU. But even so, tourists from Poland are still able to explore this magnificent country, without owning a passport, just Identity Document is needed. That is because Switzerland is a member of Schengen zone. Also, thanks to huge popularity of this area, tickets for flights to Geneva or Bern are really attractive. Doesn't matter the time of year, you must to give it a try, you won't regret it.

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How to travels in Dreamliner low-cost but comfortable?

Prepared by: Nelson L.
If you are wishing for travels all summer to destinations distant, it is not as unreal as you could think. Thanks to dreamliner flights, you are able to overcomes very long lengths in low prices. When science allowed designing new long distance airplanes, much more tourists can afford trip to different continents, because prices for that are even 10 times lower then earlier.

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