The most relevant marvels of the amazing Santorini island

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Santorini, called the Devil's Island, is the southern rocky isle of the Cyclades archipelago in the Aegean Sea. The touristic season beginning with a gentle spring in April ends only in November.

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What could be one of awesome destinations for this summer?

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Selecting the place to the summer holiday it is worth thinking not just about the temperature on the spot, but also the trip costs. Because if you cannot see the difference between the seas – why overpay?

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Santorini - the pearl between Greece islands. What we know about this island and which way can we go there?

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Santorini isle is placed at the southern tip of Mediterranean. It is the remnant of the part of the mountain, so it's a rocky residue. The climate on the island is normal for Mediterranean with mild gusts from the north, which soften the high temperatures.
The primary town is the capitol of the island - Fira. Santorini stupefy with its unique views and amazing sunsets. Tourists are appeled red rocks and dark sand beaches. It is a vast, dark coasts and great azure water are the pride of Santorini. Particularly worth recommending is Red Beach, placed close the Akrotiri. All of tourists knows that these parts possess the best hotels in Santorini.

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