Enjoy in amusement playground! How to spend a amusing time with family.

The great amusement square was built in Zator away 60 km from Krakow. It is named Energyland and it is placed a lot of attractions for all kin. It covers an place of 26 hectares. On such a mightly place we find space for entertainment, games and recreaction…Do not think?
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The playground is intended for all those who want to have fun at your free time, but exlusively for kids. And what prepared? Four theatres, stylized ancient temples, in which generally be held showings of great Polish. The best performences, excellent animators make the atmosphere in this place is extraordinary. What more the whole place can be divided into “zones” for: kids, kin and extremal sector. In area for kids wait for them unearthly entertainment. It land of dreams for all children.

All of tools are accurately decorated to resemble as much as achievable wonderland. In addition, many elements of scenography will have an educational role that children will be able to see figures and amazing animals.

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“Youth Zone” is variant for brave. It is also named extreme sector because it is certainly challenge with adrenaline and crazy experiences. It is speed, big and a lot of ambitious devices for youth and adults for example: drop tower or fast rollercoaster, cinema 7D. Style section refers to Ancient Mayan and Aztec cultures. It is entertainment for people who like to be scared. In Energyland there is something for hungry people. Adults with their kids can eat the best pizza, tasted dishes and great desserts.

Prepared by: wallheater
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For everyone were built interesting, stylized, themed restaurants and bars. It is park, where aside from entertainment you can relax and find the moment for yourself. Amusement park in Zator city is great idea that spend weekend actively. If anyone is thirsty adrenaline it is solution for him. Additionally we do not have go abroad to be able to see similar park. We do not have to worry about accommodation because near the Energyland there are a lot of hotels. Let’s have fun!

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