What could be one of awesome destinations for this summer?

Selecting the place to the summer holiday it is worth considering not only about the temperature on the spot, but also the travel costs. Because if you can’t recognize the difference between the seas – for what we should pay more?
Galicia is the farthest parts of Spain, connecting in the south with Portugal and the north and western coast with the Atlantic Ocean.
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It is one of the least discovered by tourists parts of the Iberian Peninsula. Meanwhile, the nature and the stone coast of picturesque bays and little cities, there day flows slowly, are the perfect place to relax. Prices in Galicia are lower than in other parts of Spain. In addition to the typical tapas bars we sould taste seafood and meat of greater quality . To fly here, it’s best to buy tickets for flights to Madrid. That is a so nice spot to start a trip. Other interesting and at the same time inexpensive place is Cyprus. Great precisely, the capital. When something happens in Island, it happens in the capital and also the largest town of the isle. Nicosia have a lot of monuments and works of contemporary art. Besides the tours fine spots is also Troodos.
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This vacations is a nice time for wandering. Its highest peak called Olimbos has a height of 1,952 meters. Flights to Cyprus are fairly cheap and standard survival there too. What more you could know about Cyprus? Renting a auto, stay calm about one thing – here is valid drive on the different side.
Cyprus or Spain are places that are worth a vacations even for a few moments (go to this page). They are an awesome possibility for people who are searching for a place to spend a nice long Saturday and Sunday or a holiday current year and detachment from normal life.

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