Finest concepts for weekend trip in Europe

Everybody need to have some vacations, even when just for one week. It is relevant for the sanity, cause brain and body have to rest from difficult labor. However sometimes one trip isn’t enough for us, but we do not have enough free days at work for another journey.

If you have a problems that kind you should consider a quick, weekend trip to some European capital.

Travel companies are providing interesting last minute deals for unforgettable weekend in Paris. Finest price for that you will get in low season, so avoid July or August. The capital of love is amazing place with plenty of attractions, so when you like to explore each of it you should arrange a good schedule. There is time only for a single museum, therefore if you are not expert in this subject, you better go to d’Orsay Gallery. It contains plenty of popular masterpieces, but the queues to get there are a lot smaller than in Louvre. Don’t miss a trip to Montmartre quarter, up there you can find a Moulin Rouge cabaret and Sacre-Coeur basilica.
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Autor: Rachel Chapdelaine
Another common last minute offer this season is Amsterdam, also for a quicker trip. Nothing surprising in that, because this capital may offers plenty of various attractions, for every type of travelers. Amateurs of art will have an opportunity to admire in there one of the largest paintings gallery in the globe, Rijskmuseum. The collection contain masterpieces of popular, Dutch artists, like Bosch and Rembrandt.

Younger tourist would be thrilled to explore local coffee shops, which are providing substances not affordable in other, European destinations. Amsterdam is also iDeal for romantic weekend, just rent a bike to take a tour around old town, stuffed with beautiful channels and bridges.