Brussels – nice spot for fascinating vacationes

After Poland became a member of European Union, many of younger citizens decide to travel abroad for job or college. Plenty of people, every single day, are traveling back and forward, to United Kingdom, Norway and Netherlands. But different popular place is Belgium. Flights from Warsaw to Brussels are in really reasonable prices, but you have to know how and when to reserve it. And the city itself is really magnificent, when you wish to visit any place nice, it could be very good call. Fine heritages, delicious cuisine and friendly people.

If you like to locate the nicest deals on your flights to Brussels, you have to arrange your journey earlier. Because if you book your ticket six months ahead, it will cost you couple times less then just one month earlier. Also, the best timing is relevant – famous feasts, such as Easter or beginning of May are really busy in airline companies, that’s why tickets are many more costly. So if you are arranging a longer trip, select some regular dates for it, it would be better. Next relevant issue is to find some great room to sleep. If your standards are not really high, you might go to the hostel, or three stars hotel . When you will reserve your room earlier, using internet domain, you might get very nice price for it. Also, remember that medical care is really expensive in Belgium, that is why you must buy good health insurance, before your trip, only in case.


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If you are selecting flights from Warsaw ( check law firm in warsaw) to Brussels, prepare to see really charming city. Possibly it is not the most popular tourist spot in Europe, but it is worth to be visited. Real trademark of the whole country is Manneken Pis, (Peeing Boy), this sculpture was designed in 19th century as a copy of ruined original (from fifteenth century). Also, in the other part of the city, we will find Jeanneke Pis – peeing girl, symbol of feminism, and also peeing dog. But the most spectacular is the Grand Place, main square in the city, stuffed with magnificent residents from various periods – from Medieval to Art Nouveau. It is authentic proof that Belgium use to be one of the most rich country, because of it mercantile connections. When you go there in August, you may admire the Carpet of Flowers – square is stuffed with splendorous plants. If you like to feel the spirit of bohema, you should go to the smaller square, next to the bigger one, where you could find many of coffee houses and art galleries. But also fans of modern architecture will be satisfied in here – just need to visit district of EU, with multiples buildings made entirely from glass and steel. Really spectacular view is guaranteed.


Belgium is not really famous place for holidays, at least for Polish citizens (visit). But since flights to Brussels are so cheap, you need to definitely give it a try. You could find there a lot of beautiful structures, fascinating galleries. You should drink one of the nicest brands of beer in entire Europe, and you must try Belgian chocolate – it is really delicious. And if you wish to feel like into the city jungle, you have to go to the European Union district.