Which way of treatment in Poland is the best?

From time to time all of us are getting ailing and need to go to the doctor. Also when it is nothing dangerous, we need to see him, when we wish to get day off at job. Also, sometimes we need to get our teeth cured, have regular appointment at neurologist or different expert.

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There are two types of treatment in Poland: public service or commercial clinic. Both has their disadvantagess and virtues. Which one could be perfect for you? If you are a high-school student or worker hired at full time job, and in some other causes, you have right to get treatment in Poland free of charge. You do not have to pay for an appointment to any sort of specialist. You will get your teeth fixed with no cost, as long as you like cheaper, black fillings- even useful site, well look.

You will have all the exams you require and surgeries also for free. But regrettably, this option also has flaws. First of all, when you need just regular visit at any kind of expert, you need to record to internist at the beginning – and the queue is very long. (Implantology) After waiting for many weeks, you will visit him, and ask for appointment to another doctor if it’s necessary. Then, you have to wait, again. Some type of specialists are really popular – for eye-doctor you will must to wait for half year.

Another method for you to get cured or only been examination, is to go to the private practice. This type of treatment in Poland is much quicker then the first one. You only have to select doctor you require, like dentist for instant, so you go to the specific clinic. You register, and after couple hours or one day you are ready to see the specialist. Also, when you want to see neurologist, you just go to him, you do not must to visit internist first. But of course, this method of treatment also has a big flaws.

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First of all, you have to pay a lot money for each procedure. For common check, each tooth you want to cure, each examination. If you are not a wealthy person it may be to expensive for you. For example, for typical visit to the gynecologist, you have to pay like 100 – 200 zł, depend on town you are living in. Cause the bigger is town the more expensive is clinic.

There are no nicest method of treatment in Poland. If you have no time to wait for a visit, you need to have a lot of cash to pay for it. Also, if you do not have a medical insurance, you are not able to get free treatment, it is only possible when your live will be at dangerous. So if you wish to go to the psychologist, you have to be certain if you can afford it.