Unforgettable vacations in fascinating Barcelona

summer vacation is really special time during whole year, because it’s a chance for many people to rest and enjoy great time with family. That’s why it is very important to choose proper location with plenty of attractions and convenient beaches.


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If you are organizing your holidays right now you should consider a trip to Barcelona, spectacular city with beautiful architecture.
If you like your vacations to be very cheap you got two options to try. First is to search for last minute deal in local travel office, another is to arrange whole trip on your own, couple of months before the date. First idea is a bit risky, cause you won’t be certain that some trip to Barcelona would be available. However that city is so popular among travelers from all around the world, that it is a chance to get a nice offer. Another alternative is even less costly but requires plenty of labor from you. First of all you need to book a flight, six months earlier prices will be the best. Another issue is accommodation, if you like to spend plenty of days on a seaside, you better find a room outside the city center, in any small village by the sea.
Sightseeing in Barcelona
last minute

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That Spanish city is really popular last minute destination, thanks to local architecture, which is phenomenal. It was constructed by genius architect Gaudi, his masterpieces are mix of Catalan and Gothic architecture, you may observe it nicely in Sagrada Famila basilica. This church is still unfinished, but even so it’s a symbol of whole Barcelona.

Another nice masterpiece of Gaudi is Casa Mila, pretty mansion decorated with a lot of colorful stones and shells. If you are fan of more conventional architecture, go for a trip to St. Eulalia’s basilica, amazing Gothic building.