The most relevant marvels of the amazing Santorini island

Santorini, called the Devil’s Island, is the southernmost stony island of the Cyclades archipelago in the Aegean Sea. The touristic season starting with a mild spring in April terminates only in November.

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It is a magical and volcanic island created by the sinking of the large volcano mouth. A massive volcanic explosion provoked a partial destruction of the island and the emergence of the caldera – a huge crescent-shaped wall.

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Nowadays, the island glitters in the shades of brown, black and gray. The splendidly finished buildings with azure roofs divide the sky from the sea with their colors. Due to its pure grace, the island has become a vacancy stop for many guests from all over the world. If you are intending to go to Santorini luxury hotels can be encountered without any problem. The lush green plants, powerful sunshine and dark blue water make that the shades of Santorini at any hour of day and night are entirely diverse and assure the power of views. Kamari is the primary retreat of Santorini. This is where the vast majority of the hotel base is gathered. Many hotels are located by the beaches, so that the hotel rooms have great views. A representative mall stretches along the coast, where life revives at dusk. The town is a nice starting point for tours to different parts of the isle.

Volcanic Santorini shores are represented by high rocky cliffs and thin sandy-gravel beaches, amid which the most rare are Kamari, almost a two-kilometer beach looking over the hills of Mesa Vouno and archaic Tara, and the Red Beach shaped like a small croissant.