The most innovative improvements, used by the BMW

For several people car is much more than a car. Several individuals treat automobile as a pal because they spend inside more moment in time than with relatives. It is worried phenomena, but twenty-first c. brings many strange circumstances.

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People drive to work which is sometimes located 50 or 100 kilometers from their houses.

This article will describe one automobile which has been constructed to meet needs of every user and make the driving easier and more comfortable. The vehicle is named BMW and it is one of the most famous vehicles in the globe. Some modifications for better are:

BMW apps – it is one of the most popular modifications for better applied in BMW’s vehicles (see more). Especially young drivers who want to make an impression on their friends and show something more than unsafe and risky driving enjoy the modification for better. Thanks this addition, the users can use Facebook, hear to web radio or find the easiest road thanks to direction-finding.

BMW surround view – it is one of the best new developments in the BMW’s autos. It is an innovative parking assistance which will make the parking your automobile easy and safer. The improvement is particularly enjoyed by females who normally have problems in this area. Now, the BMW’s vehicles are set with nine inches monitor which is set in the vehicle, close the radio. The monitor is linked with six cameras which are installed on the bumpers. Thanks the application you are able to see not only what is opposite you, but the surrounding of the automobile, too.


Soft close retrofit – it is other improvement introduced by German company (). It is an item dedicated to people who do not love conventional solutions and who are looking for something new and extraordinary.

BMW cars are at present 1 of the most well-known ones. The improvements applied in the automobiles make them special and original. Everyone who will try driving BMW’s autos once, will never stop – it is not an advertisement slogan. Those autos are safe and full of innovations which make it one of its kind and extremely famous among vehicle users.