The advancement of songs videos

Sound is 1 of the most significant types of the amusement. Men and females enjoy to listen to songs on their way house from jobs or school as well as during their everyday habits.
Nevertheless, every of the tracks which are created these days is published with music video.


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The music videos commonly present some story and the audience has the opportunity to notice how the singer or a group appears like and see what their type is.

right now there are some songs clips, which shock the people and change the culture of songs. Several of them have presented something original, which this time is an example of the best music videos ever. Here are plenty of different rankings which show the best songs movies of all times. Some of the most popular music videos were developed by Michael Jackson. He was an excellent performer and he also paid big interest on the music videos of his songs. Each of the videos tells the separated story which promote the audience to notice the video till the end to know how the story ends. Many excellent examples of his work of arts are ‘Thriller’, ‘Billy Jean’ and ‘Smooth Criminal’. Nonetheless, the most great Michael Jackson’s songs clip is the ‘Thriller’. It is a quick thriller movie where the Jackson pretends to be a werewolf and party with another weird beings. It was one of the best music movies ever.


An additional artist who also has surprised and shock audience is Madonna. She is a symbol of amazing the lovers and the opponents. Unfortunately, the best songs clips were produced in 80s and nowadays Madonna makes more peaceful videos. However, there are some music clips which deserve to be mentioned. They are ‘Like a Virgin’, ‘Papa don’t preach’, ‘Like a Prayer’, ‘4minutes’.
Unfortunately, the most controversial is the ‘Like a Prayer’. It shows the story of Jesus. Madonna saves him and goes away with him. The music video was prohibited in some religious places and Madonna had problems with priests. As it can be noticed, the history of music films is not long. The greatest movies were produced in nineteen-eighties and since that time they are still the number ones.