Preparation for vacations in Asian countries

Asia is one of the top vacation destinations for Polish people right now. Since few years, airline tickets to Thailand, Cambodia and Japan are getting cheaper, therefore nothing weird is in this fashion.


Autor: Thomas Rousing
but if you’re thinking about future summer in any exotic land you have to get ready very carefully, mainly when you wish to spend plenty of hours outside your hotel.
Tropical places, like Vietnam and India for example, are entirely different then ours. Individuals, who are living in there have different microbial flora, therefore they may eat whatever they want in their country without filling sick. Unfortunately, if Polish traveler would drink not boiled water or dirty food, it is big possibility of some bad stomach condition. That is why you should take on board with you some medications for vomits and diarrhea. Beside, few weeks before the trip remember to check enjoined vaccines, you need to get before vacation. It may be for Ebola, ague or dysentery, your travel agency would also inform you about that.

When you’re about to see some of oriental city jungle for vacation, you have to get ready for a large crowd on streets. Places such as Tokyo or Mumbai are a home for many millions of individuals, therefore it may be very surprising for you at first. And with such large crowd you need to don’t forget about thefts, they are very common.

Do not stroll outdoors with too much cash in pocket, leave the passport in your room, don’t go to the dark and lonely alleys. Asia is also famous for entirely different culture, which you, being a visitor need to respect. It will aid you to avoid plenty of unpleasant situations. Especially you need to pay attention in Muslim countries.