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Since many of cheap airline agencies showed up, more and more people are using planes as their main type of transportation. They are flying to vacations, visiting their colleagues and relatives, going to to several businesses abroad. If you are looking for any voyage inspiration to some good place, possibly you would consider something less warm but more cultural? Tokyo, main city of Japan is the nicest area when you like to explore different culture. Katowice on the other hand, are well example of Modernism art.

If you are looking for flights to Katowice, you would get many of it. This big, Polish city has one of the most important airports in Poland, and even if it is not as famous as Warsaw or Gdansk, you won’t be disappointment. This is area with many of history and fascinating buildings, many of it from Realism and Post -industrialism . There are one of the primer sky scrapers in this part of the Europe, named Drapacz Chmur, and spectacular building’s complex, raised back in 20’s for miner’s families. If you are interesting in Silesia art, you could go to one of it theater – you will admire there dramas in different languages, which are exploring nature of Silesia. Also, consider to go to National Museum to explore nice pieces of art by painters from whole around the planet. And don’t forget to try some of delicious, traditional cuisine! To get flights to Katowice in good price, you only need to search for it in the internet, there are many of it in really nice costs, all depend from which town you like to travel.


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In total opposite from Katowice is Tokyo, the capital of Japan. This sophisticated town use to be one of the most inscrutable spots on the whole world. When you want to get there, only search the internet, you will find a lot of flights to Tokyo from Europe, in really nice prices. Samurai history, phenomenon of Geisha, or entire procedure of tea’s perking – all those things are what Eastern tourists know about this country. But when you want to feel the nature of urban, multicultural Asian city, Tokyo will be the best for you. You could see fascinating city buildings standing aside to classical,


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wooden Japan structures. When you are a big admirer of exotic cuisine, you will feel here just like in heaven Try legendary Miso or Dashi soup for your breakfast, rolls of sushi with raw fish for dinner, and drink plenty of delicious cups of local tea.

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Japanese inhabitants are known for their health, cause their food is really good for them. But be prepare for a very huge crowd on the streets, it is a magic of this place.

To have a great vacations, you don’t have to go to the seaside resort. Of course, staying on the beach and doing nothing is dine sort of leisure time, but it is not good for more adventures travelers. When you are a little of explorer, perhaps think about going to Japan? Flights to Tokyo are in very cheap prices at the moment. Or when you wish to see anything more European, go to Katowice, the center of Silesia, you won’t regret it.