Great vacation in reasonable price

Nowadays, Polish tourists got a lot of different alternatives to choose when they are wondering about vacations. Thanks to cheap airline companies we don’t need to drive by bus for several days to reach ITaly or Greece.

Airplane from our country to Barcelona is taking about two hours, it is really convenient. Because of small prices even travel offices have a chance to offer nicer deals for the clients.
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How to travel for a penny?
At the moment you don’t have to be wealthy to try an ideal holidays. Travel agencies are offering very nice deals, especially if you’re interested in last minute option. That’s a bit risky, however you can pay for a one week journey even two times less. To get the nicest deal you should subscribe several of carriers, cause each can offer different deal in different date. For instance, if you have your week off at labor in August and you wish to go to Barcelona, in just one office you can or can’t find something perfect.
The best destination
And where to travel if you wish to spend plenty of time on a beach however also to observe some interesting monuments? In that case you better choose some European cities situated by the sea shore. There’re many alternatives to select. In Athens you may book a last minute deal and stay in a hotel by the sea, which is close to the capital’s center. In Barcelona you wouldn’t find anything so close to the shore, however suburbia is connected with center very nice. Rome is also close to the beach, but it will took about forty minutes to travel to the city.

You also have to think about Italian islands, such as Sardinia for instance. It is packed with attractions, near to the sea and travel agencies are offering plenty of options for this destination.