Finest concepts for future vacations

In present times individuals, who are dwelling in Poland are in far better financial condition than two decades ago. Thanks to large progression of local economy we can at least travel whole around the world, without spending whole fortune on vacations.


Autor: Martin Fisch
Here are couple of interesting ideas for the perfect trip, not just in europe but also another continents.
Intercontinental journey
last minute

Autor: Dick Thomas Johnson
Do you ever consider to visit Southern America for vacations? Nowadays you can get great last minute offers for a song, using your local travel agency. Surely, that sort of deal is the best for spontaneous people, cause trips are available just couple days before the flight. However when you do not have specified place to explore, you may always select among affordable options. In Peru you’ll be able to explore great colonial architecture, that in Lima, the biggest city you will find plenty. Beside, outside the capital there’re astonishing nature to admire. You may reserve a tour with local guide, who can take you inside of heart of rain forest.
Another nice place in this region of the world is Cuba, big isle situated on the Caribbean Sea. This is one of a kind land, in which time had stopped during the fifties, all thanks to American embargo on local goods. Cuba is stuffed with old-fashion cars and decorations, breathtaking architecture and great landscapes. You may watch there entire process of cigars producing, and also visit a regional rum factory. Also, another isles on this area are available in last minute deals.

The weather in there is very damp, and very popular weeks among travelers are from December till March. If you are planning to organize the trip by yourself, you can find plenty of websites with actual deals on affordable flights.